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SKYNET.co.il - proffesional IT solutions.

The SKYNET GROUP LTD services and operations are assured by a deeply experienced outsourcing staff committed to offer creative and flexible solutions, adjusted to the needs of each customer Fields of Specialization The SKYNET GROUP LTD offers modular and selective outsourcing services: general outsourcing to each IT unit, The services of The SKYNET GROUP LTD include: installation, support, upgrading and implementation of a vast range of infrastructures. Solutions in the field of infrastructure, communication, help desk. Expert services of "Professional Services" adapted to demands and flexible needs of the customer at each stage of the project. Hosting Support and service center (Helpdesk) The SKYNET GROUP LTD considers the support and service center as the core of the business. An efficient support center enables the customer to measure and quantify the effects of the IT events on the general and business performance of the company and not only on the infrastructure and IT Infrastructure and integration.

The activity of the SKYNET GROUP LTD is based on providing IT technology and outsourcing services in Israel.. For the last 13 years the management has been devoting its efforts to suit its services and flexible solutions to the needs of Israeli customers. The SKYNET GROUP LTD offers outsourcing services in various fields such as technology, deployment and administration of networks and communication systems, Helpdesk services, integration and support services, storage and hosting. The outsourcing services of the SKYNET GROUP LTD have today a lot of end users.


About Us

The SKYNET GROUP LTD is a leading Israeli com + pany in the field of infrastructure and security as well The IT infrastructure and data security are programmed according to the customer's needs and demands. Our experts are fully responsible for the installation at the customers' place, the implementation of the service and continuous support.